Brand new storage units built in West Royalty. Sharing the same parking lot as the Royalty Power mall there are 790 units available for rent. 5’x5’ – $89.00 5’x10’ – $139.00 5’x15’ – $171.00 10’x10’ – $191.00 10’x15’ – $271.00 10’x20’ – $364.00 10’x25’ – $384.00

8 unit building in the growing neighborhood of West Royalty. Two spaces ready for lease.

This premier office building property has incorporated green technologies in its design by utilizing an enhanced thermal envelope, high grade insulation and minimal environmental exposure of the main floor, state of the art heating and air conditioning systems, an advanced building energy management system, solar hot water heat, electric heat source, low flow plumbing fixtures, […]